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So Jakey has become extremely proud of his “big boy” status and has taken to reminding me that certain activities are reserved for big boys. This week, while he was digging a hole in the wood chips around the swing set, he told me, “Mamas no dig; only big boys.”
“So what can Mommas do?” I asked the boys.  Cody decided to join the conversation.
“CLEAN,” he said.
“Oh really?  That’s nice.  Anything else?”
“Swing on swings,” Jakey added.  Well, at least he sees that I can have fun too.
“So what do Daddies do?” I asked, curious about what gems of insight they’d toss my way.”
“Daddies sit on big chairs,” Cody declared with pride.
Brilliant.  My children are brilliant.

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Yesterday, while the boys napped, I was thinking about how my 1st 30 days as a stay-home mom had gone.  I started typing away, falling back into my director/MBA student speak. It’s no wonder I didn’t get too far and had to walk away after I had written:

“As I’ve learned from both my experience managing in a corporate environment and through my MBA studies, what you do in your first 30, 60 and 90 days in any new role is absolutely critical to your long-term success.  Looking back on my 1st 30 days as a stay-home mom, I find that that principle is holding true for me in my latest transition.  Here’s what I’ve learned.”

Oh my word…I can hear Charlie Brown’s teacher in my ear. Blah.Blah.Blah.

So I’ll skip the dissertation and jump to it (before the boys decide that they really didn’t want to nap, rather they just needed to get their binky, aka baby crack, fix.)

  1. It might have been helpful if I had played a sport growing up.  I don’t think dance and musical theater were good training grounds for raising two soccer/hockey/basketball/football playing boys with a penchant for wrestling.  Yup. I don’t recall any referees or umpires at my dance recitals, but I am learning fast when to blow the whistle or throw the yellow card.
  2. Having a network is more important than ever.  I knew that a strong work network was important for professional development, but I’ve realized that having a social network with other moms is even more important. While a strong work network may have helped me land my next job, my new mom network has already helped Cody land safely from the giant slide while I was off wrangling Jake. (Thank you, Ana!)
  3. Cooking dinner isn’t so bad when you’re not running in the door at 5:45 with two hungry toddlers and peering into the fridge wondering what you can possibly make in 15 minutes that doesn’t involve serving chicken nuggets or pasta…again.
  4. Napping is a beautiful thing….every day that the boys still take a 2-hour nap (at roughly the same time) I thank God.  Not sure how long that will continue, but for now, I’ll savor every quiet moment. Who would have thought that doing dishes and laundry all by myself would be so heavenly?

Well, there’s lots more that I’ve learned. Mostly that I really don’t know much of anything and that my kids are forcing me to live in the moment.  These are both humbling and delightful.  I hope this joy remains and I continue to learn.

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